My Blog got a fabulous facelift!  I'm in LOVE with what the super talented April of A Mommy's Blog Design Studio came up with - all from her great questionnaire and my rambling emails describing my dream blog.  Her Designs are so fresh and sweet and all so unique - exactly what you would expect for a Custom Blog Design!  She has such kindness, patience and awesome customer service skills - which are extremely important when dealing with "artsy" people who "just need to tweak one more thing".  LoL.  Did I mention I'm one of those? - Hah.  I'm telling you, she's amazing.  : )  I'm shouting from the rooftops because she just ROCKS the Design world in my book!  (You can find her on Etsy too!)  *Thanks April!*

 All this fresh blog loveliness has had me thinking about transformations.  I've always been drawn to the caterpillar-to-butterfly story.  Something about that chubby, sweet looking caterpillar inching along - munching whatever bright green leaves she can get her hands on... limited by lack of speed on her very short legs.  She is completely focused on the leaf she's on.  Chomp chomp chomp.  Taking care of business.  Then she instinctively knows it's time to wrap herself up and get to work on the radical stuff of changing her whole self!

Cocooned and cozy (cramped) in that chrysalis she zones out from the world and lets all the magic happen.  Metamorphosis.  I love that word.  What do I want for Christmas?  I'd like metamorphosis, please.  Make a wish and blow out your candles!  Hmmm ... metamorphosis by my next birthday sounds perfect.   : )

Breaking out of that shell and spreading your wings for the first time.  Letting the breeze dry off the moisture left from all that hard work inside the cocoon.  Seeing your true colors as you are free to fly about and drink in those vibrant blooms!  What could possibly be wrong with that picture.?  Nothing in my book - except for the heartbreaking fact that butterflies live 2-6 weeks.  So I'd like my metamorphosis in human terms, please - with staying power.

Every New Year's I make that famous resolution - I'm pretty sure you've made it yourself.  "I will lose weight this year!  Get healthy!  Exercise!  Eat less Sugar!  Eat more salads!"  Or some variation on the theme.  We want, wish and hope for a trim body and vibrant health.   It's the "doing" that gets messy.

I can tell you that I've been in and out of my cocoon many times over the last 11 years.  I'll chomp chomp chomp on those green leaves ... waiting for - whatever - to happen so I'll know it's time to get to the real work of transformation.  Then I'll get wrapped up in the process of eating right, exercising, keeping a food journal - and any other requirements from whatever crazy diet I'm trying out.  All from the safety of my cocoon.

I've had many "break out and spread your wings moments" in my life ... they sometimes come in curious forms, but are always life changing.  What propels us on to bigger and better things is the stretching ... beyond what we had known and done.  Stick your neck out and see what's just beyond your reach and then - REACH for it!  That's scary sometimes.  But if we just hang out in that cozy cocoon and "work on it" - sometimes half heartedly ... then when do we get to test out our wings?

I'm cocooning a bit right now ... nourishing myself.  Eating only fresh whole foods, drinking lots of water, adding healthy fats to my diet etc.  But I'm envisioning my cozy cocoon has a giant picture window and a french door leading out into the garden.  I'm not hiding out - hoping "this time" will be transformation time.  I'm living!  Interacting with others, stretching my wings, and checking myself out a bit, so that I can get perspective on what to work on when I go back into my cocoon for the night.

Flexibility and a forgiving attitude towards myself will help me get through this journey.  There is no end or destination ... health and wellness are things I'll be picking up, to carry along with me, on my way.
Metamorphosis, anyone?

(photos by:  Lisa MacDonald, Christian Meyn, Tina Philips)


Rhonda said...

I am struggling with wanting a transformation but not doing what i should to get it done. I liked the way you said it here. "It's the doing that get's messy". I'm going to keep working on it. Thanks.

Laura Bloom said...

Hi Rhonda, Good for you in recognizing the challenge. Your transformation may take a bit (like it does for me) but you will be able to look back and see how far you have come. If you have any questions or want to talk - you can email me at I'm proud of you - keep working on it! : )

candice said...

Love the new look! Also love how you point out there is no destination, life it about the journey and enjoying the amazing moments along the way :)

Laura Bloom said...

Thanks Candice! Sometimes I have to really LOOK for those amazing moments... other times they are larger then life! Just takes openness to see it all. Thanks!

Stephanie K said...

I want to be a butterfly too. Hard work and it's a struggle for me. I like the pictures you choose, and your words made me think alot.

Laura Bloom said...

Stephanie ~ sending you metamorphosis wishes! Keep working hard and enjoy the positive steps. Pat yourself on the back. : )

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