Christmas morning in the 80's ... I remember unwrapping a rough clay turtle.  With a glazed green head sporting a sweet smile, he just begged to be my new "pet".  Add the packet of tiny magic seeds to a little water, let it form a jelly goo, then spread on his back and watch that happy fellow grow lush green grass.  I loved that little smiling turtle.  (Not in the same category as the love for my Cabbage Patch Doll - but still great.)

Fast forward to a 30-ish single mother of two ... struggling with multiple autoimmune diseases and obesity.  Surfing the net for ways to help my symptoms and weight loss - chemical free and naturally, please!  I found Chia seeds.  Really?  I heard the song from the 80's commercial - Chi-chi-chi-chia and had a flashback to Christmas morning.  I'm supposed to eat those?  And eat them as a gel?  Weird.  They look like itty bitty dinosaur eggs!  

Originally cultivated by the Aztecs and Mayans, chia seeds were a super food that their warriors and messengers would eat to sustain their energy while away from camp.  These tiny black seeds are packed with healthy nutrition.  Rich in Omega 3's, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium - chia seeds absorb more than 9x their weight in water (or coconut milk!) and *bloom* into a hearty gel.  They are also full of protein and soluble fiber which helps you feel full. 

I love that they are pretty much flavorless - quite often SUPER healthy can equal super yucky - not so with these little seeds.  You can add them to smoothies, oatmeal, salads, or salad dressing, soups, and they can be an egg substitute in baked goods ... the list is endless.  I've even been known to sneak them into spaghetti sauce and chocolate pudding!  (shhh... don't tell my boys.)

They are a nutritious boost and great for a multitude of issues.  Inflammation, weight loss, energy, blood sugar, detoxification - even diverticulitis and colon health!  The web has lots of info on the scientific magic of chia seeds and their health benefits. They can be purchased at any health food store (often in bulk) and many sites online for around $6-$8 per pound - and a pound lasts a long time when you're using about 1 tablespoon per person daily.  

So not only am I eating them - and getting my sons on board the Chia Train - but I'd like to recommend those teeny dino eggs to you!  Have you had an experience with Chia in your food or on your windowsill?    : )  


Marie said...

I laughed because I had a chia pet and a cabbage patch doll too.
I like chia and have been swallowing the gel almost every day for 4 months. I like the idea of putting it into salad dressing! I'm going to try that cuz the gel gets boring and it just feels like another pill that i have to take. Thanks for the tips!

Laura Bloom said...

Hi Marie, I'm glad you'll try adding chia to food. We like to sneak stuff into yummy foods so that we don't feel punished or like we *have* to take our medicine. : ) And Yay for Chia and Cabbage Patch Dolls!

candice said...

I love Chia!!! Small but mighty. I eat it everyday. You have to try the Ruth's Foods Chocolate Chia Goodness SO good.

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