I love these items ... self care products, super foods, and tools that make life easier in the kitchen.

Fun in the Kitchen:

~  Saladacco Spiral Slicer  -  Yummy zucchini pasta, carrot and cucumber ribbons ... such a fun kitchen toy.

~  Cast Iron Grill Pan  -  Heavy and well seasoned ... perfect for grilling meats/veggies indoors.

~  A Good Juicer  -  There are many out on the market ... I have this one and it works great.

~  Blender (dream come true!)  -  BlendTec & Vitamix are the best out there - BlendTec fits under the cabinets.

SuperFoods - Super Nutrition:

~  Chia Seeds  -  Tiny dino eggs of goodness!  I love them and try to sneak them in daily.

~  Coconut Oil  -  Healthy for SO many reasons ... post to come

~  Hemp Seeds  -  These nutty little beauties are nutritious and yummy... sprinkle away!

Pamper Yourself:

~  Body Brush  -  These are sold at all health stores and lots of markets ... Brush that bod!

~  Epsom Salts  -  Detox and soak your aches and pains away ... add your favorite music = heavenly.

~  Hot Pore Cleansing Scrub  -  I love this stuff ... weird at first but does marvelous things to your complexion.

~  Coconut Oil  -  Simple and amazing ... great for skin, hair deep conditioner (and don't forget to eat it!)

~  Aloe Vera Gel  -  Soothes and hydrates skin inflammation and irritation ... for burns and healthy skin care.

More to come ...  stay tuned   : )

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