We've had a round of colds at our house.  Both boys and mom have been "blessed with rest" and have practiced our sharing by exchanging cold germs.  Awwww ... Thanks guys.  : )   I thought I'd take time to share the natural remedies that I use with my kiddos and for myself when we've got a case of the ickies.

There is a wild array of "natural remedies" available to tempt the eager homeopathic Google user.  I've done a lot of searches over the years ... working to keep myself and the boys off of antibiotics that reek havoc on your digestive system and can weaken overall immunity.

-  Breathe easy with the Neti Pot ... 
One of the "weird remedies" that people are sometimes reluctant to try
(Hi Mom!)  I don't know of many people that have used a neti pot, especially during times of sinus colds or allergies, and said it was not helpful.  It can cut down the duration of a cold quite dramatically and make breathing during recovery much easier.  My youngest has been a neti pot fan since he was 2 1/2 and got red playdoh stuck (really stuck!) up his nose.  It's impossible to type that without remembering his sweet little face when he realized the magic neti pot "fixed it".  Since then he has asked to do the neti pot almost nightly - as part of his bedtime routine.  That little porcelain (or plastic) pot can be used daily as a way to flush out allergens and germs before they can take up residence in your body.  You do get used to that "I might be drowning a little" feeling ... and what a relief to breathe clear again.  Try it!   : )

-  Gargle a sore throat away...
Waking up with that scratchy, painfully sore throat ... aggravated by mouth-breathing and dehydration from being sick - not fun.  Gargling with warm water and sea salt helps soothe the ache.  My newest trial has been gargling with Turmeric powder (added to the salt and hot water).  I have grown to love Turmeric for it's anti-inflammatory properties in relation to autoimmune disease.  Now I can have a Turmeric party - in a mug - a la India - to relieve a sore throat.  I've only used it with this cold but I believe that it does more for pain relief then just the sea salt gargle.  Plus it is spicy and helps clear the sinuses a bit too.  : )

-  Ease that ache with Ear Oil ...
My boys have been pretty healthy (such a blessing) but they both had quite a few ear infections when they were little.  Especially the wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-crying-and-won't-stop kind of ear aches.  I found ear oil when my oldest son was an infant.  After doses of children's tylenol, standing and swaying back and forth for an hour, humming in a candle lit bathroom full of steam at 3 in the morning - a mom feels ready to try *anything* to bring relief to her little bundle of joy ... and sleep.  I've used it ever since for both boys.  I warm the bottle in a mug of hot water and test it before putting up to 5 drops into the ear and a little piece of cotton ball over the ear to keep the cold air out.  Works like a charm and we've avoided antibiotics many times in their past.  I've made my own garlic olive oil (with the same great results) and refilled the bottle because the cost seems silly when you have a big jug of olive oil - a true kitchen cabinet remedy.

-  Be a hydration specialist ... 
Refill that water glass over and over - and be annoying (or so my 11 year old says) ... "drink up"!  Mugs of hot tea (or just hot water) with lemon and honey - soothe a sore throat and boost your vitamin C intake.  I'm also a big fan of EmergenC drinks (Tropical is yummiest!) which I find at Trader Joe's.   (I LOVE Trader Joe's - just thought I'd share.)  The boys call it the "Special Drink" and sometimes drink it like it's a soda - a treat.  : )  Just keep that glass full to flush out those yuckies.

-  You want me to put Vicks where?
Okay ... you may think I'm looney (I'll risk it) ... but at bedtime I smear garlic oil (from capsules) and Vicks Vapor Rub on our feet and then put socks on.  It's bizarre and super effective for night time coughs and congestion.  Makes for stinky socks in the morning but my kids always ask for the "foot gunk" when they're not feeling well.  The garlic oil acts as an antibiotic and the Vicks Vapo Rub  is awesome - plus it makes the garlic less stinky.

Don't forget the good old fashioned remedies of chicken soup, hot showers to break up congestion, cool rags and ice chips to soothe fever, lots of rest ... and television.  It's good for what ails ya.  (*wink wink*)

Take care of yourself and love on your loved ones.


Carla Morales said...

My family always tries to use natural remedies too. I've never heard of gargling with tumeric but I think we'll try that. And the vicks on your feet sounds like a cool idea too. My daughter will like it because she loves the smell of vicks.

Laura Bloom said...

Hi Carla! One of my boys likes the smell of vicks ... the other one is convinced it may kill him. (teehee). He tolerates it because it does help him breathe better. : )

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